The trek up to Angaston on the weekend for our second to last minor round of games turned out a good day for the Tiger gals – five wins from six senior games played and 6 wins from the 7 competitive junior games. Awesome effort gals – well done! Many teams are coming into fine form as we soon head into the final series – Senior 1’s with an impressive 78 to 30 score line on Saturday are one of the many to watch! All results are below. Congrats this week on 50 junior games to Sinead Kemp and 100 junior games to Annaliese Halliday – nice job.

Ongoing thanks also to our regular weekly supporter’s for the girls ‘incentive awards’ :- @Nourish, McDonalds, Super Cuts, Noodle Box, Starplex, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Fasta Pasta and Wohler’s.

This week we rest up with a whole club bye, followed by our last minor round game on August 23rd, this one played at home against Kapunda.

Netballers Day (seniors) will be held at the courts at the conclusion of games on 23rd so see your coaches for full details.

Senior 1 Gawler Central 78 defeated Angaston 30
An impressive 4 quarter effort from all 8. We played at a fast pace. Renee finished it off with 53 from 57. Steph turned over many Angaston attacks forward.
Player auction – Renee Schumacher

Senior 2 Gawler Central 61 defeated Angaston 41
Senior 2 Great 4 quarter effort by all the girls; great to get 2 wins in a row!
Player incentives: Rachael Songer and Erin Docherty. Player Auction: Sophie Havlis.

Senior 3 Gawler Central 77 defeated Angaston 19

Senior 4 Gawler Central 48 defeated Angaston 40

Senior 5 Angaston 43 defeated Gawler Centrals 39
Unlucky today girls, it was a hard contested game where we came so close. Excellent defence from all players. Just need to work on a few things & it is ours!
Awards recipients: Mandy Cormack and Anislee Ey

Senior 6 Gawler Central 46 defeated Angaston 30

Inter 1 Angaston 43 defeated Gawler Central 37

Inter 2 Gawler Central 46 defeated Angaston 20
Did what we had to do today to score the win. Need to pick up intensity coming into finals but certainly looking good keep up the good work.
Awards recipients: Ashlee Heath and Chelsey Arthur

Junior 1 Gawler Central 50 defeated Angaston 19
Not the best game by the team, skills were poor. We need more intensity to play winning finals.
Award recipients: Amber James and Juliet Low

Junior 2 Gawler Central 58 defeated Angaston 22
Tougher game than scores show. Need to work on a few things going into finals. Great last quarter.
Award recipients: Anna Halliday and Charlotte Stockdale

Sub Junior 1 Gawler Central 30 defeated Angaston 9
Great game girls, applied fantastic defensive pressure all the way down the court. Need to remember to slow down when we get turnovers.
Award recipients: Chloe Rowe and Jenna Leahey

Sub Junior 2 Gawler Central 33 defeated Angaston 13
Well played girls. Good work adapting to some different positions. Thanks Sharni, from SJ3 for giving defence back up due to sickness. Set plays working well.
Award recipients: Keely Neville and TJ Swan

Sub Junior 3 Gawler Central 25 defeated Angaston 25
Great game today girls, you fought for the ball, chased and moved it well. Well Done!
Award recipients: Taylah O’Reilly and Abbey Ratcliffe

Primary 1
Well done girls on scoring 3 awesome goals! Great last game with all girls progressing well through the season.
Award recipients: Emily Price and Taylah Claxton

Netta 1
Hard game. The team was extremely fast but we kept to our style of playing. Very proud of the girls.
Award recipients: Reese Griffiths and Kaitlyn Collyer