Playing @ home on Saturday against South Gawler, it was a great to see some close contested games with wins going both ways. Our two Intermediate teams both added to their winning game tally as they stay focussed and play committed brand of netball. Great games to watch – Well done!

Kingsford Hotel Club Person of the Week is awarded to both Lena Turner and Mandy Cormack who are both running our Net-set-go sessions this year for our littlest of Tiger gals! Much appreciated for your commitment for these Sunday morning sessions. Good work  it is also thanks to our weekly award supporters for their generosity with the incentive awards provided …… Gawler South Bakery, McDonalds, Starplex, Wohler’s, Gawler Greyhounds, Cibo, Fasta Pasta, Subway, Supercuts, Gawler & Kylie Vivian.

Congrats this week on milestone games being played by both Jade Pfitzner and Maddie Nicholls with 100 games each. Top stuff gals 

A week off this coming weekend – do enjoy! As usual – keep an eye on the Club website or on Facebook for all the latest.

Senior 1 Gawler Central 44, South Gawler 47
Incentives: Katie Ward & Alli King
Senior 2 Gawler Central49, South Gawler 33
Incentives: Tegan Couzner & Maddie Nicholls
Senior 3 Gawler Central 38, South Gawler 34
Good 4 quarter effort by all girls. It was a tough physical game – great win! Incentives: Chelsea Welsh & Jasmin Truscott
Senior 4 Gawler Central 54, South Gawler 64
Senior 5 Gawler Central 35, South Gawler 37
We let this one go. Lead and played well for first half with passing then letting us down. We need to make the next step to beat strong teams. Incentives: Justine Farrugia-Gay & Courtney Young
Senior 6 Gawler Central 50, South Gawler 39
Awesome game; playing well as a team with excellent centre court. Incentives: Lauren Asher, Kyrra Mansfield & Carla Ellis
Senior 7 Gawler Central 32, South Gawler 29
Stepped it up in the last quarter to come away with the win. Job well done! Incentives: Cassie Gibson & Maryann Shubin
Inter 1 Gawler Central 51, South Gawler 45
A fantastic game by everyone on the court – our pressure won us the game. Incentives: Phoebe Eckermann & Emily Truscott
Inter 2 Gawler Central 48, South Gawler 27
Great 4 quarter game by all the girls. Didn’t drop away at all. Great work! Incentives: Jasmin Hryhorec & Danielee Sutton
Junior 1 Gawler Central 38 South Gawler 52
Need to play 4 consistent quarters. Kept up for a while but then let it slide. Incentives – Lauren Sweet & Kiara Lane
Junior 2 Gawler Central 38, South Gawler 41
An outstanding effort by all the girls today. We really stepped up and matched the second placed team. Well done ! Very proud of the girls.
Sub Junior 1 Gawler Central 22, South Gawler 25
Great effort today. We won the first 3 quarters but unfortunately got run over in the last quarter. Well done regardless, very happy with the team. Incentives: Ella Vardy & Kayla McInerney
Sub Junior 2 Gawler Central 26, South Gawler 0
Great game girls. Great 4 quarter effort. Incentives: Hannah Dawson & Shayna Wenke
Sub Junior 3 Gawler Central 3, South Gawler 25
Primary 2
Great 4 quarters. Amazing win. Very proud. Incentives: Tyla Finlay & Laynie Warren