Lucky for the first game day of winter that the sun shone all day when the Tiger gals were playing up at Tanunda on Saturday. It was another round of great netball with some fab games being played – some close, some not so – all results below.

Kingsford Hotel Club Person of the week is awarded to Kay Thomas both for being a regular club contributor and also for her extra time and effort recently. Really appreciate all that you do – thanks heaps 

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Team Gawler Central Tanunda Incentives Coach Match Comments
Senior 1 53 32 Cathy White & Bec Rowe Strong performance today & a great turn-around from last week. Our defence was outstanding at shutting down their attack while our attacking stood strong against a physical defence line.
Senior 2 73 40
Senior 3 47 40
Senior 4 47 50
Senior 5 84 11 Bianca Crothers & Kylie Cooper Girls played a fantastic game and worked well as a team
Senior 6 37 52 Jessica Patrick & Courtney Young Great first half. Fell asleep in the third but fought back in the last. Tough Game.
Senior 7 39 54 Chloe Davis & Donna Tilbrook Great game. Need to work on playing 4 full quarters.
Inter 1 24 42
Junior 1 30 80
Junior 2 23 55 Holly Moulsdale & Zara Nolen Great game by all girls. Few things to work on but overall good effort.
Sub Junior 1 10 24 Sienna Haskard & Charlotte Tassel Great game! Improving every week. Defensive pressure was amazing. Lots of small touches. Super proud. Great work girls.
Sub Junior2 16 24 Whole Team!
Yep  Wow! What a game. So proud of all the girls for coming back, trying hard and being competitive
Primary 1 15 5
Primary 2 4 10 Lyla Adair & Sahara Challen Some great passages of play going all the way down the court. Lots of intercepts by the defenders and other girls getting their hands on the ball. Girls kept trying really hard all game.
Netta 1 Chloe Saunders & Savannah Smart Every player played a great ‘in front’ game. Well done girls.
Netta 2 Marley Koen & Scarlett Turner Excellent game. Great work down the court.