Last minor round home games for 2018 were played on Saturday versus Tanunda. All game results below. One more game to go, then on into the Final series we go.

Congrats this week to Kate Burnett on playing her 200th game, and to Kiara Lane on her 100th. Fab achievements girls – well done!

Everyone would have received the Club Newsletter last week – check your email for it please. Of specific note is that as we’re hosting the Grand Final now (on Sept 22), where we will need a whole lot of people to step forward and help out on the day. Please follow the link in your email to offer your help – Craig looks forward to all the offers of help coming in – thanks.

Thanks also to our weekly award supporters for their generosity with the incentive awards provided –Starplex, Gawler South Bakery, Fasta Pasta, Wohlers, Zambrero, Cibo, McDonalds, Supercuts, Anytime Fitness & Sunrise Bakery.

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Team Gawler Central Tanunda Incentives Coach Match Comments
Senior 1 68 41 Jodie Rich-Nourse &
Ali Schahinger Great overall game. Shooters had high accuracy and withstood physical pressure by Tanunda. Defenders defensively strong through court. Great game girls.
Senior 2 65 32 Katie OHennessy, Paige Mitttunen & Mel Brzezinski Great team effort all 9 girls stepped up and played 4 quarter effort. Well Done 
Senior 3 33 31 Zahra Schumacher & Sophie Burnett
Senior 4 58 42 Jaclyn Stankevicius & Emily Patrick Great 4 quarter effort. Girls really dug in and won last 3 quarters. Well done.
Senior 5 80 17 Kylie Cooper &
Renee Brooks Good game, played well
Senior 6 30 75 Tina Pratt &
Cassie Bolland Bad luck girls.
Senior 7 40 49 Laura Tilley &
Kayla Pike Started amazing. Few rough patches which didn’t end well. Bad luck girls.
Inter 1 33 42 Hard fought game today – you never gave up. Well done!
Junior 1 20 67 Kayla McInerny & Abbey Stansborough Fantastic first quarter; then they stepped up the pressure. Great game by Kayla & Isabel
Junior 2 25 57 Hollie Spicer & Ella Button
Sub Junior 1 16 23 Kate Grady & Natasha Anspach Great work today girls. Defensive pressure all the way down the court was great. Lots of turnovers. Movement in attack was also really good.
Sub Junior 2 Caitlyn Button & Kayla Stansborough All the girls soldiered on as usual. Great defence by Mackenzie, Reese, Kayla and Caitlin.
Primary 1 18 1 Whole Team award Amazing game by all 7 girls. Im so proud of how well we play every week.
Primary 2 4 5 Chloe Saunders Girls all played an awesome game. It was amazing to watch them move the ball down the court. Absolutely great effort girls.
Netta 1 Marley Koen &
Milly Foreman Amazing passing down the court. Well done!
Netta 2