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  • Football Program 2012

    A Grade, Reserves, Under 17's and Under 15's

    Please be aware there are some variations in the venues and dates for the Under 13's, Under 11's and Under 9's teams.

    Refer to Maps section for information regarding venue locations.
    (First named team is playing venue e.g. Tanunda v Gawler Central - game is at Tanunda)

    April 21 - Round 1

    (Lyndoch) Barossa District v South Gawler
    Tanunda    v Willaston
    Gawler Central v Freeling
    Nuriootpa v Kapunda
    Angaston Bye

    April 28 - Round 2 [ Anzac Match ]

    (Lyndoch) Barossa District v Angaston
    Willaston v South Gawler
    Freeling v Tanunda
    Kapunda v Gawler Central
    Nuriootpa Bye

    May 5 - Round 3

    Angaston v Willaston
    South Gawler v Freeling
    Tanunda v Kapunda
    Gawler Central v Nuriootpa
    Barossa District Bye

    May 12 - Round 4

    Freeling v Angaston
    Kapunda v South Gawler
    Nuriootpa v Tanunda
    Willaston v Barossa District
    Gawler Central Bye

    May 19 - Round 5

    Angaston v Kapunda
    South Gawler v Nuriootpa
    Tanunda v Gawler Central
    Barossa District v Freeling
    Willaston Bye

    May 26 - Round 6

    Nuriootpa v Angaston
    Gawler Central v South Gawler
    Kapunda v Barossa District
    Freeling v Willaston
    Tanunda Bye

    June 2 - Round 7

    Angaston v Gawler Central
    South Gawler v Tanunda
    Barossa District v Nuriootpa
    Willaston v Kapunda
    Freeling Bye

    June 9 - Round 8 [ Long Weekend ]

    Tanunda v Angaston
    Gawler Central v Barossa District
    Nuriootpa v Willaston
    Kapunda v Freeling
    South Gawler Bye

    June 16 - Round 9

    Angaston v South Gawler
    Barossa District v Tanunda
    Gawler Central v Willaston
    Freeling v Nuriootpa
    Kapunda Bye

    June 23 - Round 10

    South Gawler v Barossa District
    Willaston v Tanunda
    Freeling v Gawler Central
    Kapunda v Nuriootpa
    Angaston Bye

    June 30 - Zone Championships

    July 7 - Round 11 [ Safety Round ]

    Angaston v Barossa District
    South Gawler v Willaston
    Tanunda v Freeling
    Gawler Central v Kapunda
    Nuriootpa Bye

    July 14 - Round 12

    Willaston v Angaston
    Freeling v South Gawler
    Kapunda v Tanunda
    Nuriootpa v Gawler Central
    Barossa District Bye

    July 21 - Round 13

    Angaston v Freeling
    South Gawler v Kapunda
    Tanunda v Nuriootpa
    Barossa District v Willaston
    Gawler Central Bye

    July 28 - Round 14

    Kapunda v Angaston
    Nuriootpa v South Gawler
    Gawler Central v Tanunda
    Freeling v Barossa District
    Willaston Bye

    Aug 4 - Round 15

    Angaston v Nuriootpa
    South Gawler v Gawler Central
    Barossa District v Kapunda
    Willaston v Freeling
    Tanunda Bye

    Aug 11 - Round 16

    Gawler Central v Angaston
    Tanunda v South Gawler
    Nuriootpa v Barossa District
    Kapunda v Willaston
    Freeling Bye

    Aug 18 - Round 17

    Angaston v Tanunda
    Barossa District v Gawler Central
    Willaston v Nuriootpa
    Freeling v Kapunda
    South Gawler Bye

    Aug 25 - Round 18 [Gawler Show]

    South Gawler v Angaston
    Tanunda v Barossa District
    Willaston v Gawler Central
    Nuriootpa v Freeling
    Kapunda Bye


    September 1 - 1st Semi Final Freeling

    September 8 - 2nd Semi Final Willaston

    September 15 - Preliminary Final Tanunda

    September 22 - Grand Final Barossa District

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  • Netball – 2018 Round 11 – 30 June The season has been a bit stop start of late, and with a whole Association bye coming up this weekend it’ll be a stop again. After that we then have a clear run home playing every weekend until finals start in September, starting back at home on 14 July versus Willaston. Playing up at Angaston this ...
  • Netball – 2018 Round 9 – 16 June Hosting Kapunda @ home on Saturday saw some fab games of netball playing out. The Tiger gals scored wins in 6 out of the 7 senior games played, with the Div 2s coming in with an exciting 1 goal win. Some great plays evident in the junior games too – all results below. Congrats this week ...


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    Saturday August 18th (last home and away round) - 100 Club. Tickets are now available ($100 each) for the chance to share in $4,000. Please contact Andrew Pike or Rod Knight (0418 139 457) if you wish to purchase your chance to win big.

    Position Vacant – Gawler Central Cricket Club Coach

    The Gawler Central Cricket Club would like to formally call for expressions of interest for the position of Club Coach for the upcoming 2018/2019 season.

    The successful applicant will be responsible for:

    Coordination of training sessions, with a focus on
    development of skills
    Overseeing senior team selections in conjunction with team captains

    Working with the Junior Coordinator and Junior Coaches to facilitate a pathway from junior to senior cricket.

    It is not essential that the successful applicant has a playing role although playing coaches will of course be considered. The club will work with the successful applicant to design a role that suits our needs and their availability and skills.

    Remuneration will be negotiated with the successful applicant based on previous experience, qualifications.

    The Club
    The Gawler Central Cricket Club fielded four senior and four junior teams in the Barossa and Light Cricket Association during the previous season. The club is currently working towards promotion to the top division in the association, including planning for the required turf wicket.

    The Club has recently completed renovations and now boasts arguably the best viewing facilities in the region and is a fantastic family environment.

    The club is affiliated with the Gawler Central Sporting Club and enjoys a close relationship with the affiliate football and netball clubs.

    To Apply
    Interested parties are encouraged to contact Michael Davis on 0438 873 852 or Darren Hutton on 0408 086 249 for a confidential discussion.

    Applications can be submitted to cricket.president@gcsc.com.au by 30 July 2018.

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    After the matches today at Angaston Oval the club will be closed and meals and awards will be back at club Diamond Sponsor, the Kingsford Hotel.

    Head on down for a big feed and footy on the big screens. Show your support for the businesses that support us.

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