The Children’s Protection Act 1993 requires sport and recreation organisations that provide services for children in South Australia to establish policies and procedures to safeguard and protect children. Recent changes to this Act extend the steps organisations must taketo help protect the children in their care.

From 1st January 2013, the requirement is for recreation and sport organisations to assess all paid and voluntary positions and assess the individual’s suitability for working with children.

As a Club, we are required to ensure the safety of children in our care and as such we have implemented the policy that all Coaches, Team Managers and Assistants to junior teams will needto provide a current Police Clearance. These will be required to be renewed every 12 months.

All Netta players must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person duringnetball trainings, netball matches and at all club functions. We are not able to accept responsibility for players of this young age, and all parents/caregivers are to note that itis not the responsibility of the club appointed Netta coach(s), or Club committee member(s)to accompany the players during and/or outside of their scheduled training or match times.

In order to meet our requirements under the Act, Gawler Central Sporting Club Inc has appointed Child Safe Officers.

If you wish to discuss any concerns you may have regarding a child’s welfare, please contact the Sporting Clubs Child Safe Officer on the details below:

Sporting Club Child Safe Officer Contact Details

Download Gawler Central Netball Club Members and Child Protection Policy