The 2014 season is now also behind us; it being another great year in our club’s proud history – the 28th year since the netball club began back in 1987 and the Clubs 125th year.  What a year it has been!

This year will be remembered as another year where we again had success – proudly we fielded all but 1 team, making it 17 teams for 2014 and ending with us being awarded the coveted Association “The Herald” Barossa, Light & Gawler Netball CLUB OF THE YEAR – so awarded to the club who wins the most games during the minor rounds.  Last won by us 3 years in a row back in 2009, 10 & 11, it is great to have the title back again with one more in 20-14.

So, to the summary of the year around the Club…… We started the year (this time last year) with a whole Club forum lead by new head coach Scott Waddington, to find out what is good and stays, what needs changing and goes and how to move forward.  This culminated in pre-season starting early November ahead of club trials being held from mid-January.  After trials we then moved into full swing with regular trainings by all teams and hosted the Association’s pre-season Zorich Group Cup here at our courts – all before we’d started the 2014 campaign!

So of the fielded 17 teams (7 senior and 10 junior), sadly we could still not accommodate everyone who wanted to play for the club.  The season had its ups and downs but was mostly a positive and enjoyable season for most participants and those involved.  With Scott’s assistance, Club Coaches undertook accredited Training such skills learnt then being passed back to benefit all of our players.  11 club teams out of the eligible 14 teams played in the final series with premierships won by our Senior 4, Jnr 1 and Jnr 2 sides, each all going the year undefeated.  Well done again to all involved in getting the teams to a finals spot – a fab achievement in itself.  The Club’s Junior Goal Throwing Trophy was won by Jnr 1 with 985 goals, while the Senior Club Goal throwing trophy was won by the Sen 1 team with 875 goals shot for the season. Many individual achievements were reached during 2014 whilst club junior player Maddie Nicholls had another great year through her extended netball involvement and was awarded the Sporting Club Junior Netballer of the Year award.

2014 Club Best & Fairest Award recipients are listed below:-

Runner Up                          Best & Fairest

Sen 7              Ellen O’Hennessy                            Samantha Turner
Sen 6              Tina Pratt                                        Vanessa Cuthbert
Sen 5              Jas Olszewski                               Grace Asher (Also recipient of the Vicki Coppin Memorial Club Shield)
Sen 4              Renee Brooks                                    Laura Harris
Sen 3              Jasmin Truscott                                  Renata Heintze
Sen 2              Sophie Havlis                                     Rachael Songer
Sen 1               Renee Schumacher                           Jade Pfitzner

Runner Up                          Best & Fairest

SubJnr 3             Imogen Phillips-Graham                       Emily Jolly
SubJnr 2            Amber Scheer                                    Keely Neville
SubJnr 1            Chloe Rowe                                       Emily Holland
Jnr 2               Angelina McDonnell                         Maddie Nicholls
Jnr 1               Tayla Solly                                       Amber James
Inter 2            Jamie Burdon                                     Elsey Oldman
Inter 1            Reanna Hedlam                                 Emily Hawley

Off the courts, we were fortunate to have gained the services of the ‘work for the dole’ team who provided labor for us to have Cub-house repainted outside, plus built the end Verandah extension – a very handy addition with the wet season we experienced. While on the topic of capital upgrades, it needs to continue to be noted that the matter of the leaning light pole and slow sinking of the corner of Court 1 toward the river is in need of prompt attention and while has not progressed very far we are currently engaged (via the Sporting Club) in discussions with the Gawler Council to work with us on preventing further damage and to repair the existing infrastructure which will continue on during next year(s) and may result in a total new court re-lay should funding via grants etc become available and the project be feasible.

Now, some very special thank yours.  It is a great honour to lead your club; the very reason for its strength is in no small part due to the strong leadership team over the past decade and the time and efforts put in by those who have been willing and prepared to help out.  The club’s passionate and committed members and supporters are something that will keep it strong for many years to come.

I continue to feel very privileged to have a group of very dedicated and amazing club members who join the committee and take leadership roles with the club.  Over the past year…… thanks to Kay Thomas, in her role of Vice President and for taking on all those extra other jobs that just needed to be done – your willingness to just quietly get things done is certainly most appreciated.

Tracey Patrick as our so ever efficient and reliable club Treasurer again had us organised and we can continue to attribute our current sound financial position to the work and effort put in by Tracey over the years tracking all that we do, this year also ably assisted by Vicki Waddington.  It is with this sound financial backing that the club will be able to tackle ongoing capital projects and repairs with confidence into the future.  Thanks Tracey and Vicki for your efficiency and endless help.

Gyleene Rowe as our continuing club Secretary had us all organised with her willingness to ask questions and get things done – thanks Gyleene for ever so efficiently tackling all the endless emails, mail and meeting minutes – a fab job indeed!

Michele Landers has completed another year  (this year her very impressive 10th  & last L year) as our much organised Club Records Officer making up the 5th member of the club executive.  Michele spends many hours in recording all club results which will keep our archives a very useful source of info in years to come.  Thanks Michele for your efforts again this past year.

The dedication of the remaining committee members has meant the club executive could always rely on things being done, as and when they needed to be.  With Lisa-Marie Moloney again organising our umpires, Sue Oldman keeping our coaches informed and updated, Kelly getting us all decked out in the latest (and greatest) Tiger Gal apparel and equipment all in place, Amy Songer managing the Social events within the club, Vicki Truscott organising our weekly supporter vouchers, Craig LeBusque tackling junior development and Alicia Koen sorting all our other volunteers into place, the club just had to succeed.  Vicki Truscott and Cheryl LeBusque as our 2 player reps – patient listeners and attending to the few concerns as required and also Scott Patrick as our BLGNA club elected director too!

A massive BIG Thanks to this whole fantastic group who made up the committee in 2014 – it has been a pleasure to work with you all!

Also a great big thanks to Norma Cook our amazing, ever reliable Canteen Chief who together with Cheryl and Tracey had that side of the club also running like clockwork.  Norma’s tireless efforts with this, plus umpiring and everything else are true dedication and which saw Norma voted as the Club Person of the Year.  Big congrats and special thanks.  Also similarly to Sophie Warland was awarded the Junior Club Person of the Year – a wonderful helpful role model to her peers indeed.

…….and some more thankyous…… I again extend my thanks on behalf of the committee to everyone who assisted during the year.  We have a great group of dedicated coaches, committed umpires and passionate club supporters.  Our players are second to none, our sponsors a very generous group, and we have club members and parents who all pitch in and help.  All of this coupled with the great support from our Sporting Club environment under which we operate and working closely with Football made for another great year.  Thanks to everyone ……….. for everything (including my family for their support too! )

Moving onwards and upwards, we now turn our attention to next season – the 2015 year ahead and making decisions and plans which will see the club continue to build on its successes whilst also embracing any changes necessary to allow the club to continue to provide the support and facility for as many as possible to enjoy an involvement with netball with Gawler Central.  We are excited to have appointed Kelly Assender as the new Senior 1 coach and with planning in place for next year underway, all looks promising for another fab year of Sport together.

…… we can make this happen… Focus, Believe, Achieve!

Leanne J Songer, Netball Club President 2014